“I would like to commend staff on the enthusiastic interactions they had with the children.  The children appeared to be happy and busy engaging in a variety of activities.  The physical environment promoted many learning opportunities and was visually appealing; notably, the bathroom and sleep room.” ~ A Simcoe County Child Care Representative

“The programme plans indicated a well-rounded program with many activities and experiences.” ~ A Simcoe County Child Care Representative

“The Centre looks wonderful.  Excellent resources, set-up, furniture & equipment.  Excellent staff interaction with children.  Very positive environment.” ~ A Simcoe County Child Care Representative

“It has been almost 8 years since we first started at the Centre.  A lot has changed over the years but one thing remains constant and that is the quality of care provided.  Thank you for everything you have done.”
~ A Springwater Parent

“Thank you for another quality year of care for our son.  Your staff have always been so loving, patient and understanding when we have had concerns, triumphs and set backs.” ~ A Springwater Parent

“Holly, I loved you from the moment we met, I was impressed by your kind and wonderful spirit, your great energy and your business.  Your Centre is beautiful and well equipped but what really makes it exceptional is your staff.  I remember finding it difficult to leave our children for the first few times.  I had questions and doubts.  I wanted my children to learn new things and play with other kids, but most of all, I wanted them to feel loved and well cared for.  I discovered along the way that this is how they felt and were treated by all of you.  Our daughter was lovingly rocked to sleep on many occasions, our son cuddled when he was not feeling well and I had no worries bringing them to you.  You had a big impact on our children in a positive way.  Our son just started school and the teacher is impressed with his skills and behaviour.  As  I have said many times ‘it’s the best money I’ve ever spent!’ ~ A Springwater Parent

Thank you for your knowledge, fun times, your caring ways, compassion, your friendship and skills we will miss you.” ~ A Springwater Parent

“I am so glad we made the switch to Springwater.  I just love the atmosphere but most of all the genuine care and concern for my kids. You are awesome.” ~ A Springwater Parent

“Thanks for caring so much about our son (and all of your children).  You go above and beyond daily and it does not go unnoticed.”~ A Springwater Parent

“To the staff and Springwater, on behalf of our family I would like to thank you for the important role you have played in our son’s early years.  I truly cannot express how greatful I am to have confidently entrusted my first son’s care in such loving and capable hands.  Since the age of one, he has enthusiastically attended “little school” and I can assure you that he has learned alot from his many wonderful teachers over the years.  I am proud of his accomplishments thus far and of the person he is becoming.  Please always remember that as his first teachers, you made an incredible impact that will last a lifetime.”~ A Springwater Parent

“As a parent it is a wonderful feeling going to work and knowing that my child is safe.  For all of your hard work, long hours, patience, kindness and love that you give each day! For the programme and all that you provide for the children it doesn’t go unnoticed.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.” ~ A Springwater Parent

“From day one when our son began with Springwater Child Care we knew he was in good hands.  After viewing a few Child Care Centres in Barrie, the professionalism and personal care to the children was apparent at Springwater Child Care!  Our son specifically suffered severe life threatening allergies and to Holly, that would be taken care of with no issues.  Needless to say, our son who is now 12 still talks about Springwater and Holly as though it was yesterday – so, we know he was in the right place! ” ~ A Springwater Parent

“Dear Holly and Amy, Thank you so much for the outstanding job you have done with Springwater Child Care!  You have thought of everything a parent could ask for.  From the facility to the food to the staff and now the option of extracurricular activities!  Wow.  Our daughter has had an outstanding year with her teachers, they have gone above and beyond.  She wakes up everyday excited to go to school, what an incredible start to her schooling.  We can’t thank you enough and we appreciate all your hard work.” ~ Springwater Parents

“I must say it was the greatest feeling yesterday when I peeked into my daughter’s infant room and saw her having the time of her life playing and laughing with the staff.  All a mother wants is for her child to be at a place where she feels safe and enjoys.  She was so happy and after all the craziness of the first month and half it is nice to see she is finally fitting in.  I must say the ladies in her room have been  amazing so supportive and positive. I’m so glad I took the time to do my research in finding the right centre for my daughter” ~ A Springwater Parent

“It has been an utmost pleasure dealing with you and your staff over the last 3 years.  it was a great comfort to us both, knowing that our son was always in good hands.  Your passion to provide everything possible to help develop our children in a safe and caring environment is outstanding.”  ~ A Springwater Parent

“Holly,   the only way I can possibly get through writing this and not cry is the idea that I will still see you around at our children’s school.  I will, however, miss my daily trips to Springwater Child Care, which has been a part of my family’s life for 6 years now.  I still remember the first time we talked and how much time you spent discussing your Centre.  Your passion for children was evident from that first conversation.  I remember getting off the phone and feeling ok about the big steps of going back to work and leaving my child in someone else’s  care.  Now, so many years later I reflect on all you have done form my children.  You and your staff have built a strong foundation in both of my children; I know their caring, inquisitive and imaginative personalities are thanks in part to you.  We will never forget the great start you have given them.  We will treasure the memories dearly.”  ~ A Springwater Parent