Pre-Kindergarten and Junior Kindergarten

Meet the “Junior Jelly Beans” and the “Senior Superstars”

Our PreK/JK programmes are licenced for 20 children ages 3.8 – 6 years of age and the ratio for this group is 1:10.

Teachers prepare and set up experiences for children to be involved with people, materials, events and ideas.  Children learn by doing and work with hands on, open-ended activities.  The teachers for this age group follow the children’s interests as much as possible.  Teachers observe children as they play, paying close attention to recurring themes, children’s understandings and misunderstandings, developmental issues, and underlying questions. Observations guide curriculum planning, as teachers create opportunities for children to deepen their thinking, represent their understandings and encounter new perspectives.   Each morning the teachers sit down with the children to discuss the available activities and centres that are set up in the room.  The children then set a goal for themselves, at the end of the day the teachers and children discuss how they met their goals and celebrate their accomplishments.