Meet “The Snuggle Bugs”

The infant room is licenced for children birth  to 18 months old.  The ratio for this age group is 1 staff to 3 children.

Parents of young infants are to supply pureed food, bottles and any formula and/or breast milk needed.  Once your child is eating table food then they can enjoy our “Yummy Catering.”

We understand that infants create their own daily routines and schedules therefore they do not have a set sleep time.  Each infant has their own crib in a separate “sleep room” that they are able to use at any time during the day.

Transition with Ease
We understand that leaving your child for the first time in child care can be emotional and stressful. Our goal is to make the transition from home to child care an easy and comfortable one for you and your child.  We suggest that you come in for “play dates” before your child’s actual start date.  Therefore you can have a sense of security and comfort in knowing that they are receiving the best care possible.  Once your child is in our care we encourage you to call often to speak with your child’s caregiver personally for that extra peace of mind.

The first years are the most important and most amazing time in a child’s life.  All the incredible things that children discover especially through play are what make them successful later in life.  The teachers at Springwater Child Care Centre strive to foster their sense of trust by ensuring their individual needs are met by warm and caring staff members.

The infant programme is consistent, but flexible in order to accommodate the the individual needs of each child.  Once  your child is in our care we invite you to share your child’s daily schedule with our caregivers in order to maintain their everyday routine.

We also strive to provide a language-rich environment that encourages communication through positive interactions.
Infant programming is done on a monthly basis using a web plan.  In the infant room, your children will be exposed to art experiences, sensory exploration, language, music & movement, dramatic, curiosity, cognitive and outdoor activities on a regular basis.