The goal of our program is to provide a warm and nurturing environment that will help each child develop into a confident, happy and self-sufficient individual.

Springwater Child Care Centres provide a safe, stimulating environment that supports and promotes an enthusiasm for active learning.
Positive early childhood experiences can help build a strong foundation for future growth.

The developmental needs of each child will be enhanced through a child centred curriculum that bases activities and programs on the interests and
Through play experiences and the guidance of qualified staff, your child will be exposed to situations that will:skills of each age group.

1. Encourage your child to cooperate and share with other children his/her own age.
2. Enhance your child’s development of social skills and a sense of self-worth.
3. Encourage curiosity, initiative, independence and responsibility.
4. Develop your child’s ability to express him/herself clearly.
5. Build your child’s self- esteem.
6. Help your child accept and respect the rights and differences of others.
7. Help your child establish a routine of order and cleanliness.
8. Increase your child’s awareness of the world around him/her through a variety of hands-on experiences.
9. Provide opportunities to foster both gross and fine motor development through the use of equipment
especially chosen for this purpose.
10. Develop sensory and creative abilities through various media (i.e. art, music, water play, etc.)