Daily Programme Plan

Springwater Child Care Centre supports an “inclusive “ model where children are viewed first as children, acknowledging that all children are unique and differ naturally in their cultural, intellectual, physical, emotional and communicative development.

This approach allows all children to grow and learn within a typical classroom setting with access to individual and group learning experiences.

The children are exposed to stimulating activities and toys which encourage them to explore and develop their potential intellectually, physically, socially, emotionally and creatively.

The curriculum is also designed to provide opportunities for growth in self-confidence, independence and responsibility through group and solitary play. Areas of play include art, drama, music, sensory, literature, puzzles, science, math and technology as well as gross and fine motor.

The importance of words and sounds is presented through a program called “Jolly Phonics”, for children aged 3 and up. This multi-sensory approach to learning letter sounds and discovering that there is a connection between sounds, letters, words and books can be an enjoyable learning experience for children.

Routine schedules (daily and weekly) are followed in order to provide consistency throughout your child’s day and are posted for your convenience. Activities follow a regular pattern in order for your child to feel secure in knowing what to expect and when.

A typical day will provide periods of group and individual activities along with strenuous and quiet play (indoors and outdoors).